Dr. Hang

Regenerative Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dr. Hang
Regenerative Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Since his return to Taiwan, Professor David W. Hang (the only UCLA sports medicine specialist in Asia) has become one of the leading experts for treatment of orthopedic disease, sports medicine and regenerative medicine

  • Founder of the regenerative orthopedic sports medicine center
  • Professor of orthopedic surgery at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles)
  • Board certified from the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
  • One of the very few orthopedic surgeons in Taiwan to be an accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (F.A.A.O.S.)
  • The only American-licensed orthopedic sports medicine specialist in Taiwan
  • The only practicing orthopedic surgeon in Taiwan to have completed an accredited fellowship in the orthopedic subspecialty of sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery from UCLA
  • Completed his orthopedic residency at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago
  • The only orthopedic surgeon in Taiwan to have worked as the team physician for UCLA and East LA College
  • Medical consultant for VA Hospital in West Los Angeles
  • Graduated from University of Washington School of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine)
  • Professional board member appointments: National Anti-Doping Agency of Taiwan, Medical Commission of Taiwan Olympic Committee, Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee, Taiwan FDA Medical Device Review Committee, Taiwan Association for Women in Sports, Taiwan Aquatic Fitness Association, Taipei Equestrian Association
  • Medical consultant: numerous international medical device companies (involved in the development of new medical devices and training of international doctors)
  • Consulting physician for the American Institute in Taiwan, the Taipei American School, Taipei European School and the American Club in Taiwan
  • Pioneer of regenerative orthopedic medicine: Hang (in 2003) was invited by the world-renown pioneer of regenerative and molecular orthopedic, Professor Peter Wehling of Germany, to work on research related to Orthokine therapy (use of your own cytokines and growth factors for treatment of orthopedic and age-related diseases) and to date has continued to be the pioneer of regenerative orthopedic in Asia
  • Orthokine regenerative medicine center: In 2009, we became the only authorized center in Asia to offer the “Orthokine Program” (Orthokine cytokine regenerative medicine). Patients such as Kobe Bryant (Laker’s basketball superstar), Pope John Paul II, Doris Broughton (founder of the largest English learning program in Taiwan, Studio Classroom), Mr. Paul Chang (Chairman of Chung Hwa Bank), and many, many others have received Orthokine regenerative therapy for treatment of their orthopedic problems (arthritis, nerve impingement, and tendon / ligament degeneration)
  • The first and only American orthopedic surgeon to have passed the medical license board of Taiwan

Orthokine Vision


We want to create a world where aging and pain no longer have a negative impact on quality of life by significantly slowing or reversing the underlying processes of diseases and pain

Orthokine Philosophy & Approaches

Understanding the significance of biomolecular changes as fundamental mechanisms of pain and orthopedic diseases

Engaging autologous mechanisms and effector molecules of the patient’s own immune system

Knowledge of the link between physical and psychological factors

Uniting aspects of regenerative medicine and biomolecular science into treatments

Translating discovered insights into targeted treatments for patients in need with the intent to restore natural balance in diseased tissue

Targeting not merely the symptoms, but more importantly also the underlying biological mechanisms of orthopedic diseases and pain

Customized & Targeted Treatments

  • Multimodal treatment programs are personalized to the individual needs and demands of our patients
  • Orthokine program includes a variety of elements regarding precise diagnostics, unique and sustainable therapeutic elements and lifestyle measures
  • The core of our program involves injection therapies with autologous mediators as therapeutic molecules


Utilizing autologous mechanisms and harvesting molecules involved in repair


Tailoring holistic programs to individual needs and demands


Addressing fundamental biological causes besides managing symptoms


Providing precise diagnostics and treatments on demand

Orthokine Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine

In 2014, we were the first center in Asia to offer the newest, state-of-the-art autologous cytokine therapy, Papillon Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Serum therapy (AARS), from Germany for facial rejuvenation utilizing autologous (your own) cytokines (Immuno-proteins) from your own white blood cells to stop skin aging and also your own skin regenerative factors to accelerate skin regeneration

Systemic injection of AARS can achieve effective total body anti-aging effect

In 2020, we started offering the revolutionary aesthetic facial revitalization therapy, Dermokine, utilizing the regenerative potential of your own adipose tissue (Stromal Vascular Fraction) and the combined anti-aging effect of the Papillon Anti-Aging therapy

In 2021, we started our plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine service with the addition of the most renown plastic surgeon in Taiwan, Professor Yueh-Bih Tang, offering the best aesthetic procedures


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